Thursday, October 09, 2008

31 Days of Halloween - Day 9 Spooky Bonus

How would you like to have a Haunted Mansion of your very own? Now you can.

Thanks to Ray Keim and his Haunted Dimensions you can build your own amazing, accurate 3-D paper models of any of Disney's Haunted Mansions whether your preference is for the one in Liberty Square, WDW, New Orleans Square at Disneyland, or Phantom Manor at Disneyland Paris. He's even got paper models of some of the graves, crypts, the entrance pillars, the conservatory coffin, and other spooky attractions. I was hoping to build all of these in time for Halloween this year, but alas my work schedule has kept me too busy for such diverting pleasures.

There are also paper models to be found of the portrait stretching rooms from the two American Haunted Mansions, Phantom Manor, and the Nightmare Before Christmas holiday overlay at Flowers for the Dead .

Don't cut yourself.

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