Wednesday, October 08, 2008

31 Days of Halloween - Day 8

Of course, now that I've complained about the limitations I've been feeling working with papier-mache, I bring you the amazing work of Pumpkinrot, whose very organic looking creations are all made from papier-mache. As I told him, his creatures look like they've unearthed themselves from a peat bog. His dioramas are layered with texture and beautifully lighted like a Mario Bava movie. I don't know how many kids are bold enough to walk this gauntlet in order to collect a treat, but I sure wish I could. If you live in Pennsylvania, then perhaps you'll round a corner and find yourself face to face with these witches, reanimated corpses and scarecrows. Lucky you, I say.

You can check out lots of photos documenting Pumpkinrot's yard scenes over the past years here. You'll also find a store where you can buy hand crafted creatures, pumpkins, and Halloween cards.

Pumpkinrot also has an incredible blog which celebrates all things Halloween all year round, with several posts a day. It may be light on text, but more than makes up for it with its heavy visual amazement and links to more treats of the season. I was pleased to see many familiar faces, names, and images, but even more delighted by the revelation of all that was new to me. This is my favorite Halloween hangout, and puts me in the mood for holiday each time I drop by. You really do get a sense that you are visiting somebody who has the good fortune to live in Halloweentown.


Anonymous said...

That roots creature is the most amazing thing ever. I'm truly afraid of that thing!

Vlad said...

Vlad thanks you for the pictures! It reminds me of my homeland.