Sunday, October 19, 2008

31 Days of Halloween - Day 19

"Mars and Beyond" was broadcast on "Disneyland" on December 4, 1957 with a theatrical release following a few weeks later. This episode examined our neighboring planet and our thoughts on it in both humorous and serious ways, with speculations about it put forth by ancient philosophers, pulp science fiction writers, and scientists. One segment depicted earlier humankind's superstitious nature, accompanied by the above imagery which morphed into one another (as well as a wizard, not depicted). I don't know who is specifically responsible for these image designs, but the entire episode, which featured a number of styles of animation was directed by Disney veteran animator Ward Kimball, and narrated by Paul Frees.

The entire episode is remarkable and can be found as part of the "Tomorrowland" collection here.

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Trix said...

We love Disney around here, and I've never even heard of this...what a wonderful post!