Friday, October 17, 2008

31 Days of Halloween - Day 17

I wonder if someone dressed as Herman Munster really did knock on someone's door to deliver a big check. In a reversal of this, I had to knock on Herman Munster's door to deliver a check on more than one occassion. A couple of decades ago, my two housemates moved in with me from a Manhattan apartment they lived in down the street from where Fred Gwynne was living. For some reason the occassional residual check for Fred Gwynne got mixed up in their forwarded mail and ended up in our apartment in Brooklyn. Apparently the occassional piece of stray mail belonging to Mr. Gwynne showed up at their old apartment as well. Since I worked not too far from where Fred Gwynne lived, I took the checks to him in person. He was a very amiable man who had some witty remark about these errant checks. I've read that he wasn't fond of his Munsters work, and didn't like talking about it, which if so, he did a great job of covering for this when I mentioned how much I loved the show as a kid, and often felt that somehow Marilyn and I must have ended up with each other's families by mistake.

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Todd Franklin said...

That's so great you had the opportunity! Did he show you any of his artwork?

Stephen said...

Cool story, John. You're just full of surprises.

John Rozum said...

No, he didn't invite me to see his artwork. I was invited inside, but not to sit down and hang out. My encounters with him were certainly not more than 10 minutes long each. I never asked for his autograph, or anything.

Dane said...

It's nice to hear that he was as friendly as he seemed.