Friday, October 24, 2008

31 Days of Halloween - Day 24 Movie 1

In "Nightmare Castle" (1965) Dr. Stephen Arrowsmith (Paul Muller) murders his wife (Barbara Steele) and her lover (Rik Battaglia) not only for cheating on him, but also because he's just a mean bastard and wants to inherit her estate so that he can continue his experiments. When he discovers that his wife left him nothing, instead leaving everything to her mentally unstable step sister (Barbara Steele) in a blonde wig, he marries her and intends to drive her to such a degree of madness she'll need to be institutionalized leaving him with the estate at last. Is his plan succeeding, or are there spirits in the house using the new wife to exact revenge?

You'll most likely be bored waiting around to find out. This Italian movie is heavy on atmosphere, but features poor dialogue delivered through bland dubbing, and progresses at the stately pace of an episode of "Dark Shadows."

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