Friday, October 03, 2008

31 Days of Halloween - Day 3 Spooky Bonus

Cryptozoological creatures? Weird tv horror hosts? Robots? Jonny Quest-styled adventure? Cool technology? Buff scientist? Babe arcane cultural expert? Kid you'd wish you were if you were eleven? Mysterious artifact?

For all this and more check out "The Secret Saturdays" which debuts tonight at 8:00 PM (e/p) on Cartoon Network. Then hit your comic book store next Wednesday for more "Secret Saturdays" in "Cartoon Network Action Pack" #30.


Anonymous said...

I'm so lamenting my lack of cable TV right now. I wonder if CN will air these on their website...

By the by, I found a copy of and picked up the issue of Scooby Doo that you did the cover and main story for. Awesome stuff John!

John Rozum said...

Thanks, Shawn. It was alot of fun tackling one of the classic tv episodes from the villain's pov.

I don't have any tv reception at all, cable or otherwise, so I understand you. I just keep telling myself that the "Clone Wars" series will probably get collected on DVD quickly. Of course that's still not until at least next summer.

Thank goodness writing for the comic means they have to send me the episodes to watch of "The Secret Saturdays."

Max the drunken severed head said...

This is SO cool, John!

Kirk D. said...

Very cool John, it's a double cool blogger phenomenon! Looking forward to seeing this. I'm in you and Shawn's cableless boat though, so here's hoping for some web and/or DVD coverage.

Kirk D. said...

Aha! Just found it on CN video page.
Hey eyes, get ready to watch something cool.

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