Monday, January 04, 2016

Ask Me Anything #52

It's the new year, a new month, and time for a new edition of "Ask Me Anything". 

You can ask me any questions you'd like, whether it's about my work, opinions, influences, things I liked the most, or least, in 2015. Really, ask anything you want. Questions can be posted in the comments section below, and I'll either answer them there, or in a separate post sometime later in the month.

I've been asked a lot of good, thought provoking questions in the past as well as some really banal ones, all of which I tried to answer. You can see the previous questions by visiting Ask Me Anything  #1#2 ,  #3#4#5#6 , #7 , #8#9,  #10,  #11,  #12 , #13#14,  #15 , #16#17 , #18 , #19,  #20,  #21#22,  #23#24#25#26#27#28#29#30#31#32#33#34#35#36#37#38#39#40#41#42,  #43#44#45,  #46#47,  #48#49,  #50, and #51

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Now ask away. 


Adam Spade said...

Hi John.

I'm a screenwriter and I intend to create a comic series. I would like to write in screenplay format and then adapt to comic, basing the story arc on a 90 page screenplay. The comic script is still unnatural to me. I would then build on / modify the script into comic script format.

I was wondering if you have any thoughts on this. I'm open to any suggestions at this point.

I was contemplating...

1) just writing a 90 page script and then cutting out comics based on sequence, which would probably spew 8-10 comics based on an 8 sequence structure, or

2) simply writing short screenplays, if there is a estimate number of pages in this format that would roughly equal 22 comic pages, like 1 page = 1 minute in motion picture, that I could base the length on.

But I was thinking, because of the flexibility of working with panels and pages, is it really just based on writing the sequence comfortably, and then making it fit in 22 comic pages?

I appreciate the blog and response.


Adam Spade said...

What's the point of this if you're not gonna respond???

Adam Spade said...

Whoever posted that last comment, I wish you would use your own name rather than mine. John states that he may respond at the end of the month. He may even decide to write a complete article on the topic. So, I am patiently waiting.

John, I have been following your blog for quite a long time. I appreciate it. And sorry for the confusion. I have an impersonator.



Michael said...

Who was the guy that Kobalt met with in the last issue?

John Rozum said...

Michael, I know the character you mean, but all of my issues are stored where I'm not interested in expending the necessary energy to get to them, so I can't see if I can tell you better than he's the guy who trained Kobalt. I don't remember if he was the same character I ended up using in Hardware during the brief time I wrote it.

Adam - No worries. I have not forgotten your post. It's been a busy month and it's a question I think deserves a more substantial answer to, so be patient and hopefully I'll make it worth the wait.

As for the impersonator, uncalled for, and cowardly. If you have a complaint be bold enough to stand behind it using your own identity, otherwise please ask your mommy or daddy to do it for you.

Adam Spade said...

Sounds good. I can't find anything on the topic so, hey, you may have the opportunity to be the first to write an article. Maybe cause I'm the only person dumb enough to want to try it this way. haha

Thanks though. I'm looking forward to it.