Thursday, October 10, 2013

31 Days of Halloween - Day 10 - Movie 2

A sinister black sedan begins terrorizing a small New Mexican town, running down bicyclists, hitchhikers and then the police who try and stop it. What is it's secret and how can it be stopped?

The Car (1977) has been described as Jaws with a car and while in essence that might be true the comparison should not be taken as dismissive. This is a well written thriller, and like Jaws, and plenty of other monster movies, there is a nice build up in which the viewer is only given bare glimpses of the car until its big reveal when it has trapped a bunch of kids and their teachers in an old graveyard. The car is a great design and looks menacing. There's a strong cast of fairly complex characters, and some genuine suspense. Interestingly The Car uses the same "Dies Irae" music by Berlioz as its main theme as would be used as the main theme for The Shining three years later.


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