Wednesday, October 16, 2013

31 Days of Halloween - Day 16

Monster: Little Green Men

Appearance: "Crop Duster"  The X-Files #32. August 1997.

Alex Saviuk: Penciler, Rick Magyar: Inker, John Workman: Letterer, Jessica Kindzierski: Color Designer, Digital Chameleon: Color Rendering, Dwight Jon Zimmerman: Editor, Miran Kim: Cover

This X-Files story featured the return of creatures that plagued a Kelly Kentucky family in one of the best known UFO related incidents ever reported. 

On the evening of August 21, 1955, Billy Ray Taylor stepped into the backyard of the farmhouse he shared with ten other people (8 of whom were relatives) and watched as a flying saucer descended into a gully on the far side of a nearby field. No one in the house to him seriously. None of the people, including Taylor went to investigate. An hour later a frightened dog began barking then ran and hid under the house. 

When Taylor and Lucky Sutton peered out back they saw a luminous three-and-a-half foot tall being with an oversived head, floppy ears and glowing eyes which appeared to be silvery metal in color, or in clothing. The creature they claim to have seen is depicted above. 

The men began shooting at it. The creature fled into the darkness, then reappeared at one of the windows. Sutton's brother, J.C. shot at it again. The creature/s would roll over and escape then reappear somewhere else only to be fired on again, a process that repeated itself until 11:00 that night when everyone involved sped off in a car to the Hopkinsville police station. 

Investigators found no sign of the creatures, but plenty of evidence of shooting. The men returned to their house and spotted the strange beings several more times and shot at one of them again. The sightings ceased at 4:45 am. 

The bizarre creatures reported in this encounter returned to plague several more members of the Hopkinsville/Kelly community in my X-File tale, where they appeared much smaller (about a foot tall) and were more aggressive in nature, throwing rocks and sticks at some of the witnesses. 

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thekamisama said...

It was a very popular comic in the Hopkinsville area and still pops up for sale at the annual festival devoted to the Little Green Men held in Kelly.