Tuesday, October 08, 2013

31 Days of Halloween - Day 8 - Movie 2

A young woman uncovers a connection between the building she lives in and one of the three witches referred to in a book called "The Three Mothers." Before she can solve the mystery, she disappears, and her brother travels to New York City picking up where she left off in an attempt to discover what happened to her.

Inferno (1980) is the second in Dario Argento's trilogy of films, "The Three Mothers." Like Suspiria before it, Inferno is full of seemingly unconnected events and Mario Bava inspired lighting. Even though the formula is similar without repeating itself, Inferno is far less satisfying. The art direction isn't as rich and Keith Emerson's score doesn't have the same power that Goblin's score did in the first film. The biggest issue I had with this film is that the cast of characters each have such brief amounts of screen time that it becomes impossible to ever get invested in any of them. It also means that there aren't really any characters to suspect as being the sought after witch, and between those available the choice is pretty obvious.

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