Saturday, October 26, 2013

31 Days of Halloween - Day 26

Monster: Acephalite

Appearance: "Sticks and Stones" Cartoon Network Action Pack #32. February 2009. 

Will Sweeney: Penciller, Mike Manley: Inker, Randy Gentile: Letterer, Heroic Age: Colorist, Rex Ogle: Assistant Editor, Elizabeth V. Gehrlein: Editor

Also referred to as Blemmyes by Pliny the Elder, this mythical race of beings was said to inhabit Libya and had no heads. Instead their facial features were embedded in their chests. The Acephalites were depicted in numerous tales including a mention in Shakespeare's Othello, and were often found in Medieval bestiaries, including Schedel's Nuremburg Chronicle depicted above. 

The above taken from Cosmographia by Sebastian Münster,  depicts a monopod, a cyclops, a conjoined twin an acephalite, and a cynocephalite.

The Acephalite in my story, featuring The Secret Saturdays,  was treated as more of a body guard, or enforcer, for series villain, V.V Argost, so was depicted as being bulky and menacing. 

The Acephalites/Blemmyes also made an appearance in "Here There Be Monsters - Part 4: Ribiero" in Midnight, Mass. : Here They Be Monsters #4. June 2004. They are part of a sequence depicting the story of what happened to the monstrous races as human beings spread themselves across the globe. 

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