Wednesday, October 02, 2013

31 Days of Halloween - Day 2

Monster: Kinderesen

Appearance: "The Nature of the Beast" Xombi vo1. 1 #13, June 1995./ "False Future" Xombi vol1. #15, August 1995. /"Descent" Xombi vol. 1 #16, September 1995. 

J.J. Birch: Artist, Agnes Pinaha: Letterer, Noelle C. Giddings: Painted Color, Dwayne McDuffie: Editor/ J.J. Birch: Artist, Micheline Hess, J. Scott J. & David Montoya: Painted Color, Agnes Pinaha: Letterer, Dwayne McDuffie & J.C. Ching: Editors/ J.J. Birch: Artist, Noelle C. Giddings: Painted Color, Agnes Pinaha: Letterer, J.C. Ching & Dwayne McDuffie: Editors. 

The Kinderessen were monsters that were an amalgamation of monsters, spirits, and demons from a number of cultures but here presented as being all one and the same despite their distribution across the globe. They are monsters which feed on children primarily. The Yoruba people, mispelled as "Yokuba" on the cover and within, referred to both the spirit who took the lives of children as well as the spirits of the deceased children themselves as Abiku. 

In Xombi, the Kinderessen was something to be feared, though women would also take their unwanted children to leave for the kinderessen to deal with. If you wanted to keep the kinderessen away from your children the best way was to hide their sent at home by cooking foods with strong aromas. 

Their form made amorphous by the black, light absorbing, fur allowed these large creatures to hide easily by blending into shadows. Looking at them now, they really anticipate the look of the aliens in Attack the Block. They are incredibly strong, but are not immortal and with luck and perseverance can be killed with ordinary weapons. 

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