Saturday, October 12, 2013

31 Days of Halloween - Day 12

Monster: The Dental Phantoms

Appearance: Xombi V.2 #6 "The Ninth Stronghold Part 6 - Resurrection" October 2011
Frazer Irving: Artist, Dave Sharpe: Letterer, Rickey Purdin: Assistant Editor, Harvey Richards: Associate Editor, Rachel Gluckstern: Editor

When I first laid eyes on one of the things shown in the above photograph, I new immediately that I had to use that as some sort of monster somewhere. How could I not? Look at this thing.

Obviously it's based on a human head, but featureless, except for the very real looking human teeth. It also has no eyes. Even more perfect was its name: a dental phantom. 

Dental phantoms are used by dentistry students to practice working on teeth, which in the top example from the 1930s are actual human teeth. Modern dental phantoms are not nearly so disturbing to behold.

The dental phantoms languished in my notebook for some time before I found a home for them. They became bodyguards/major domos in Xombi #6. Their clothing came naturally. In their comic book appearance I don't really reveal much more about them other than to suggest they are clock work humanoid automatons. They speak through a stream of ticker tape which feeds out of their mouth like a tongue, and they nasty razor sharp fingers. Even though they have no apparent sensory organs, they have no problem locating things. 

I'm sure that this won't be the last time I use them. I do know one other thing. Someday, I must own a real one. 

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