Wednesday, October 30, 2013

31 Days of Halloween - Day 30

Monster: Carnivore Clouds

Appearance: "Silent Cathedrals - Part 4: Revelations" Xombi vol.1 no. 4. September, 1994. 

J. J. Birch: Artist, Noelle C. Giddings: Painted Color, Agnes Pinaha: Letterer, Dwayne McDuffie: Editor

Everything you need to know about the carnivore clouds can be found in the page above. It was never my intention to give them literal mouths. That was something J. J. Birch did on his own, and I suppose it gave the clouds more personality, or at least something to look at to distinguish them from regular clouds. I saw them more as a corrosive cloud shape that would engulf its prey and digest them, and because they are intangible, the bones of their meals would just drop out of them, like a grisly rain. 

And, yes, they can be stopped with Mr. Bubble. 

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