Thursday, October 24, 2013

31 Days of Halloween - Day 24 - Movie 1

Three hundred years ago, Dracula and the Wolfman were defeated by Cristaldi the magician. Resurrected, the two monsters vow revenge and plan to destroy the last living descendants of the Cristaldi family -- close friends of legendary luchador, Santo. Santo vows to protect them and calls in his ally, Blue Demon to help. Together they fight Dracula, the Wolfman and their army of werewolves.

Santo y Blue Demon contra Dracula y el Hombre Lobo (1973) is an installment in the long running Santo franchise. Your enjoyment of the film will depend on your tolerance for masked wrestling, cheap special effects, and cheesy story components. If you can tolerate those things, then this one is a lot of fun. Like all Santo movies, this one contains two wrestling matches that have absolutely nothing to do with the rest of the movie. Here, they bookend the movie so it's really easy to skip them if you'd like.

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Stephen said...

I see that "Santo y Blue Demon en el Mundo de Los Muertos" is going to be on TV soon. I'll have to settle for that one!