Tuesday, October 22, 2013

31 Days of Halloween - Day 22

Monster: The Bogeymen Dread

Appearance: "Hidden Cities - Chapter Five: Elsewhere" Xombi vol. 1 #21

J.J. Birch: Artist, Noelle C. Giddings: Painted Color, Agnes Pinaha: Letterer Jacqueline Ching: Editor, Dwayne McDuffie: Editor in Chief

Terrible, parasitic entities, the bogeymen dread feast on hope and optimism, gorging themselves so much that those they feed on are left with only the most bottomless despair which drives them to suicide.

Formerly imprisoned within the Prison of Din in the parallel world of Elsewhere, the bogeymen dread manage to escape their prison and their world and into ours, where David Kim lures them into a trap within the halls of Ellis Island in an attempt to recapture them.

These were the last foes to appear in the original run of Xombi, and when I say appear, I mean that they don't other than as shadows of their reaching arms passing over the scenery. The cover actually depicts far more of them than anything shown within the story itself. I thought they would be a much stronger force if they were only suggested and never seen, their terrible deeds depicted solely through the plight of their victims.

As with all of the "villains" of Xombi, the bogeymen dread didn't have any unrealistic, or impractical grandiose plans such as world takeover. Their only desire was their own survival, which could only happen at the expense of others, so were they really villains at all?

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