Wednesday, October 23, 2013

31 Days of Halloween - Day 23 - Movie 1

After a car accident which seems to have killed his wife, though her body has not been found, an amnesiac businessman begins suffering headaches, hallucinations, odd experiences, and a police investigation, before finding out the sinister truth about what really happened.

Hellraiser: Hellseeker (2001) features the return of Kirsty (Ashley Laurence), the heroine of the first two Hellraiser movies, in what amounts to an extended stunt cameo. Aside from her presence and some cenobites that feel a lot truer to those created by Clive Barker than those seen in the last few movies, this movie really feels like something that was created outside of the Hellraiser franchise, and then changed just enough before production to squeeze it into the Hellraiser series. If you removed all of the Hellraiser elements the movie could play out in essentially the same way with no difference. It starts off as something intriguing, and holds the viewers interest while the main character, Trevor (Dean Winters) tries to sort out what the hell is happening to him. But the hallucinations, and false memories (or are they) schtick gets tiresome fast, and Trevor isn't the most interesting person either, letting stuff happen to him, rather than actually seeking answers. By the time the big reveal comes it's not a surprise, and the twist to it also seems to be a "so what?" plot turn.

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