Wednesday, October 09, 2013

31 Days of Halloween - Day 9 - Movie 1

A meteor crashes into the woods near a small town. After a group of teenagers find an old man with something attached to his hand, they take him to a doctor's office. From here all hell breaks loose as a seemingly unstoppable protoplasmic creature sets about devouring the inhabitants of the town.

As far as remakes go, I've always really enjoyed The Blob (1988). The movie has a fun, smart script, a really good cast, impressive special effects and veers away from the original film in ways that make it it's own entity without straying too far from the original concept. The movie starts pretty quickly and never really lets up, establishing a hierarchy of characters that are developed enough that it's surprising when any of them fall victim to the blob. The blob itself is a wonderful shape shifting creature able to climb walls and shamble across ceilings, swim, and extend out tentacles as the need arises.


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