Wednesday, October 28, 2020

#1 Days of Halloween - Day 28 - Movie

Your enjoyment of Cartoon Roots: Halloween Haunts will depend upon your affinity for early circle and rubber hose style animation. Fifteen animated and live action films containing animation from 1907-1936 are provided in chronological order. These include appearances from Koko the Clown, Felix the Cat, and even one of Walt Disney's Alice shorts. Nothing is scary, most aspire to be amusing, but in this era of animation any visual gag was a novelty, and storytelling took a back seat to visual gags, so you get a lot of repeated animation cycles of bouncing skeletons and so forth.

I, personally, find a lot of charm in these early cartoons, but can only watch a handful at a time. Many of these have circulated you tube for years now, but have never look as good as they do on this bluray which also includes new musical scores in order to allow the restorers to hold a copyright on these particular restored prints. Watching one, or two of these cartoons between some classic horror films would make for a perfect evening of Halloween viewing.

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