Sunday, October 04, 2020

31 Days of Halloween - Day 4 - Book

The Morbid Anatomy Anthology edited by Joanna Ebenstein and Colin Dickey. The Morbid Anatomy Press. 2014

Built around lectures given at the now defunct Morbid Anatomy Museum, these essays cover topics such as death and morning, les diableries, teratology, wax venuses, the European witch trials, spiritualism, the soap lady, the personification of death in Mexican culture, taxidermied humans, books bound in human skin, anatomy, human zoos, macabre theaters, grave robbing, and other fascinating topics, this beautifully bound and illustrated volume is a must have for anyone with any curiosity regarding any of these subjects. Engrossing and enlightening, I highly recommend this and any books from the Morbid Anatomy Press.

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