Monday, October 26, 2020

31 Days of Halloween - Day 26 - Movie

While Diving, Matt Farrell (John Ashley) is abducted by a scientist (Charles Macauley) who wants to use him in one of his experiments combining humans with animals in order to create a super race of beastmen. The scientist's daughter (Pat Woodell) has a change of heart and helps Farrell and some of thye beast people escape. A sadistic henchman (Jan Merlin) and his team set out across the island to hunt them down. The Twilight People (1972) is a low budget Filipino-American film directed by Eddie Romero that is essentially The Island of Dr. Moreau combined with The Most Dangerous Game which is not necessarily a bad thing. This is the kind of movie that you used to kind on tv on Saturday afternoons, or late at night and is perfectly entertaining if not exceptional viewing. While the make-up on the animal people is crude, it's still pretty effective. The actors also try to give their animal characters defining characterustics, such as the antelope man who tends to defend himself with backward kicks. The creatures are also a ittle more ambitious than the straight-up adaptations of H.G. Wells' novel. Here we are even given a flying batman. This movie is probably best known for featuring Pam Grier as the panther woman.

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Cerpts said...

What a coincidence, this movie in in my "to watch" pile as well. Haven't gotten to it yet but plan to shortly.