Saturday, October 17, 2020

31 Days of Halloween - Day 17 - Book

Hung, Drawn and Executed - The Horror Art of Graham Humphreys . Korero Press. 2019.

I first became aware of the work of Graham Humphreys in 2013 via the H.P. Lovecraft Bronze Bust project for which he provided the poster art for this fundraising event. He did so again for the follow up project which was a bronze bust of Edgar Allan Poe. I met Graham briefly at the unveiling of this bust at the Boston Public Library, the spoke with him a bit more after a connected event, where Jeffrey Combs performed his amazing one man show as Poe in Cambridge. Most of our talk centered around The Damned concerts and art, and I found that he was a really nice guy. After that I kept my eye out for his art wondering how I'd missed it before then. The answer was mainly that I was an American and the bulk of his work was for British dvd releases and movie posters, but after I started keeping my eye out for it, it appeared regularly and never failed to impress me. Using colors that harken back to garish Famous Monsters covers and Mario Bava movies, Humphreys creates astonishingly composed artworks with spot on likenesses and in the case of festival and convention posters some incredible combinations of characters across a wide spectrum of cinematic horror history. If you like horror movies, portrait art, or movie posters before the era of photoshopped blandness, you must have this book in your library.

You can view some of his art here.


Cerpts said...

I agree, he is a fantastic artist. I got this book a little while ago and it's indeed a treasure trove.

Caffeinated Joe said...

Looks great. Going to check out that link to his art, thanks.