Saturday, October 24, 2020

31 Days of Halloween - Day 24

My own history of dreesing up for Halloween is pretty sad. As a kid I did wear a costume every Halloween, including the annual Halloween parade where all the kids gotb to start from school in their costumes, and march down Main Street, which was always a highlight of the season. Photos of me in my costumes must all be tucked away in a series of slide carousels somewhere in my parents house. Costumes I remember having; The Collegeville Casper the Friendly Ghost costume, the Ben Cooper Spidermana and Planet of the Apes costume (we also had the Dr. Zaius one which makes me wonder if my brother wors that one year. This weird Frankenstein mask which I wanted because it somehow reminded my of War of the Gargantuas, a homemande werewolf costume where I had my mother cut the ends of my pants into jagged triangles, and my final costume, probabbly 5th of 6th grade, of a Jawa from Star Wars which was also homemade.
As an adult I almost never dressed up. My Halloween tradition, which remains true, has always been marathons of horror movies. In college I once dressed up as Kyle MacLachlan from Blue Velvet, which was simple since that's who I looked like in real life right down to the wardrobe. In my trenties, I put together a few literal last minute costumes.My most ambitious, which to be fair was probably more of a last day costume, was of the Fly. My girlfriend at the time dressed as Cruella De Vil. My true last minute costume where people were on there way to pick me up and I had nothing, was to throw on a cape and strap two bananas to my head with rubber bands. This was my devil costume, and I still rather like it. After that I only recall really dressing up once or twice. My final time was when my kids were young and I took them trick or treating dressed as Teenage Frankenstein. Wearing glasses and a latex mask doesn't work out so well, otherwise I'd use every year as an excuse to collect great new monster masks. Instead I've always gone out of my way to dress up the yeard for trick or treaters.

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