Tuesday, October 06, 2020

31 Days of Halloween - Day 6 - Movie

Ephraim Winslow (Robert Pattinson) arrives on a remote New England island to begin a four week stint as a lighthouse keeper's (Willem Dafoe) assistant. Tasked with hard labor, a stern secretive taskmaster, persistent gulls, and odd dreams, Winslow tries to maintain an even keel until his time of service is up, but when the relief party never arrives and a seemingly endless violent storm settles in at the island, despair, cabin fever, drunkenness and violence take over.

The Lighthouse (2019),  Robert Eggers' flow up film to The Witch (2015), is a much more vague narrative and filled with dark humor and some crass humor as well. Not the Lovecraftian horror movie that most people were probably expecting, this film focuses more on the two unreliable narrators populating the film as their guarded feelings and trust in one another erode, and violent passions arise. I really liked this movie, but it is not for everyone, or even most people, making it tough to recommend. If you are at all curious about it, definitely give it a shot. Even if it turns out not to be to your fancy, the cinematography is exquisite.

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