Friday, October 02, 2020

31 Days of Halloween - Day 2

Throughout the month of October I will be posting cut paper Halloween art that I've created. All of the artwork is for sale and will be made available at The Art of John Rozum sometime during the same day as it is posted here. This is the first piece I'm offering up, It is based on a costume idea presented in the Dennison Bogie Book of 1922. Check back throughout the month for new art.

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immaterial said...

Have you ever considered taking the paper art approach to doing a children’s book? Or even a prose novel for kids? I am a John Bellairs fan from way back, particularly when Edward Gorey is on board for spot illustrations, as well as Richard Peck’s Blossom Culp books, the best known of which — The Ghost Belonged To Me — became perhaps the greatest kid horror film of all time, Child Of Glass, beside which I regard The Lady In White as overrated.