Wednesday, October 14, 2020

31 Days of Halloween - Day 14 - Movie

When Gloria's (Anne Hathaway)  boyfriend breaks up with her because of her excessive drinking, she moves into her parents' empty house and tries to restart her life, getting a job a a bar owned by a childhood friend. Within days, reports come in that a giant monster has appeared in Seoul, which soon vanishes. The monster keeps appearing in the same location, at the same time each day. Watching one of the broadcasts, she notices the monster has some of her mannerisms, and doing some research discovers that she in fact is somehow connected to this monster and is controlling its movements. When she proves this to Oscar (Jason Sudeikis) , her childhood friend, and boss. They are surprised to discover that he appears as a giant robot in Seoul. From there, things get dark, as Oscar becomes increasingly hostile and abusive, using the situation to keep Gloria with him. If she leaves, he promises to go on a rampage killing hundreds of people in Seoul. Gloria is now desperate to find a way to save herself and Seoul.

When you hear that Anne Hathaway stars in a giant monster movie in which she is the giant monster, you expect something light, comedic and quirky. While there are some amusing scenes, such as her demonstrating that she controls the monster by having it dance the Batusi, Colossal (2016) is an unexpectedly dark and mostly serious film. Even better it delivers the goods. The real drama is the human drama, with Oscar becoming the true monster; dark and violent.

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