Saturday, October 17, 2020

31 Days of Halloween - Day 17 - Movie

A group of people enter an abandoned house and discover a cursed ouija board and all hell breaks loose. Meanwhile a withered magician brings his perfectly preserved young bride back to life and she rejects him.

Spookies (1986) is a terrible mess of a film. Simultaneously, it also makes for perfect seasonal viewing. Half of the film feels like an Evil Dead and Phantasm inspired piece filled with inventive, yet low-budget monsters. The other part feels like Orgy of the Dead with inane dialogue and unexplained characters that seem like they belong in some zero budget 1970s live action Saturday morning children's tv series. The two halves do not mesh, and the entire movie makes no sense. If you are able to ride along with the anything goes nonsense, you may have a good time watching this. If you can't you'll hate it. As to why it's such a mess, please watch the excellent documentary that comes with this film. With a longer running time than the film itself, it delivers all of the details.

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