Friday, October 09, 2020

31 Days of Halloween - Day 9 - Movie

A criminal on the run takes refuge in a remote chateau where he keeps the two young women their hostage -- or so he thinks. It's actually they who are keeping them hostage for the arrival of the rest of their group of blood drinking women.

The films of Jean Rollin are not for everyone. Somewhere between soft core porn and visual mood poems, they are dreamlike and suggestive of an atmosphere more than filled with terror, even though many of them are definitely horror films, including this one, Fascination (1979). You won't be frightened and the sex scenes are not going to set your loins on fire, but the visuals are are striking and the almost languid pace draws you in. There's a pureness about the embracing of creaky old gothic trappings; the old chateau, the diaphanous night gowns, the blood like red poster paint, hidden compartments and so on that gives this film a lot of charm.

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