Thursday, October 15, 2020

31 Days of Halloween - Day 15 - Movie

When a group of people are washed ashore on an unchartered island, they learn the Navy is going to bomb it to oblivion in the next few days. But that's not their only problem. The island also contains Nazis who are experimented on local native girls in an effort to restore the disfigured face of the wife of the head Nazi. The experiments have the side effect of turning the girls into disfigured animal like "she-demons." There's also an exploding volcano.

She-Demons (1958) is a pretty wretched movie. The script is clunky, with some mildly racist jokes, and very little notions of plot development. The acting, to be kind is really stiff, especially the lead, Tod Griffin. The make-up effects, seen above are incredible crude and, with the exception of extra long fingernails, only cover the women's faces leaving their bodies normal. I couldn't tell you if this is a movie so bad it's good. Maybe with enough drinks and a good viewing crowd. On the plus side it's only about 75 minutes long, though it would have felt long at a third of that running time. Sheen: Queen of the Jungle star Irish McCalla is the star, so if you find her easy on the eyes, you've got that in your favor. Richard Cunha, who has made many more movie of about this quality, also directed this one.

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