Tuesday, October 01, 2013

31 Days of Halloween - Introduction

Welcome to my 8th Annual Halloween Countdown. For each day throughout the month of October I will provide posts in the spirit of my favorite holiday. Like previous years, each day will contain posts regarding my daily movie viewing, but for this countdown's central posts I'm going to do something different and thematic.

I've been working as a writer in the comic book industry for many, many years now, primarily on comics with some sort of connection to monsters or the supernatural. For each day of this year's countdown I will provide a post pertaining to one or more monsters from various stories I've written. 31 Days only allows me to present a very small percentage, so if this year's theme is well received I may come back to it in a future Halloween Countdown.

If that's not enough, my companion blog, The Grim Gallery, which offers up monstrous images all year long will also be offering up some seasonal scares. If you join me on facebook, I'll be sharing more images and videos throughout the month.

I'm not the only one sharing a Countdown to Halloween this year. Hundreds of other people are too. I encourage you to check out their blogs as well for all sorts of tricks and treats by visiting Countdown to Halloween for a least of participating blogger. If you are carrying out your own countdown, but aren't on that list and would like to be added, please read this to find out how.

Let the Countdown begin...

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Shawn Robare said...

This is a really cool idea John, I can't wait to see all of the monsters and creatures you've thought up over the years. I'm a big fan of themed countdowns, but I love it when they're also personal to the writer as well.