Tuesday, October 01, 2013

31 Days of Halloween - Day 1

Monster: The Terrortactile

Appearance: "Bluebeard's Castle" Midnight, Mass. #1. June 2002. 

Jesus Saiz: Penciller, Jimmy Palmiotti: Inker, Ken Bruzenak: Letterer, Noelle Giddings: Colorist, Digital Chameleon: Separations,  Zachary Rau: Assistant Editor, Heidi MacDonald: Editor. Midnight, Mass. created by John Rozum

I've noticed over time that there are three motifs that reoccur with my monster creations; scissors, a lack of eyes, and hands where they don't belong. The terrortactile doesn't have any scissors (but could easily wield them) but does lack eyes and have a hand where one shouldn't be. Visually I think he's an effectively creepy looking creature. I say "he" because even though the terrortactile lacks genitals, nipples, a rectum, or body hair, it's built to look masculine. I also think this thing would lend itself really well to being adapted to the screen should the tv series ever see the light of day, or in a Midnight, mass. movie. 

Rather than say anymore about it, I'll let Adam Kadmon fill you in on the rest of the details. 

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